Password screen doesn't show up

By jebus
Nov 11, 2015
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  1. This is truly bizzar! I too have the same issue, safe mode doesn't work, no restore points for some reason, last nights update killed my pc and now I cant log into anything, but I know the login info is good because when I go to repair pc in f8 menu it tells me to enter admin credentials for login and pword under a diff older looking prompt if I want to use cmd prompt, I tried typing incorrect info and it def can tell the dif and access all user credentials, issue is, I cant frigging login to do anything on my windows 7 asus g73jh laptop... every time I choose user name under safe or normal mode I wind up having the screen flash for one sec and I am back at the user select screen with no chance to enter pword, this is frustrating, and I know its not hardware for sure now that another person has had this issue(not to mention for hardware to break right as my pc auto-resets for an update... and with someone else experiancing the same thing, I dont think so) right now I am trying chkdsk C: /r cuz I am pretty much out of ideas, the stupid thing is, you can still use a linux cd to read the file system and move the files as needed, which again only makes me even more perplexed if all the data is good wtf is broken in windows and how do I fix it without a format? Since I cant even load win7 I cant do a non-destructive install, since I can only boot from cd
    if anyone figures this out for the love of god plz help us

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    Just going by what you're saying, sounds like time to reinstall the OS, or try the "
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