PC Crashes "CMOS battery low"

By Aleks52
Jun 14, 2009
  1. Hi, i got a problem with my computer, its custom built with Radeon 3870, AMD 5400+ Black Edition cpu, 4 gig ram and a Silver Power 600 watts psu. I built this computer in February this year and had it running until now. I was going to a friend on a lan but when i got there and tried to turn it on it just goes to a screen that says:
    My bios name and the name of the motherboard which is A-780GM-A, below that
    my cpu info
    Press Del to run Setup which aint working for some reason
    Press F11 for BBS Popup
    Then it says its detecting 2 sata inputs, that would be my DvD and hard disc
    Below this crap it says
    CMOS Battery Low
    CMOS Date & Time not set

    BUT i have bought 2 new batteries but i get the same message.
    I can enter BIOS by pressing F1 but that dosn't help me much. I have tried to reset it to default settings and restarting but it just goes to the same place. The computer worked like a dream before i plugged it in at my friends house, I cant understand what has gone wrong.
    I have also tried to just run the computer with my CPU, one stick of ram and videocard, but i get the same message:( Any help?
  2. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    its maybe a virus which goes to the ram,remove the ram(memory) and turn pc on,it will give you a sound (peep),and wont turn off from the button,so remove the power cable,then reset the ram and i hope it will work as well,
    if it will keep giving battery low try cleaning the battery set place
    i hope it will help
    and for more protection use an anti-virus (i prefer avast)
  3. Aleks52

    Aleks52 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I have tried to take out all the ram, but it dont sound a peep or a biip at all. Nothing!
    I have used avast since i started the computer the first time ;P And i have tried to clean the whole pc. Still getting the same message.
    Im starting to belive i have fried my motherboard or something? What do u think
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