PC crashes when playing Doom 3.

By darraugh
Aug 13, 2005
  1. Hi Guys.
    Can anybody help & explain, why Doom 3 is crashing after about 10 minutes.
    As far as i know all drivers are up to date. PC system is,
    Fujitsu Siemens. Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz. 1.00GB of Ram. Radeon X 600 series games card. 4 months old.
    Played the game on my last PC, with no problems.
    I also have Half Life 2 installed, where there is no problem.
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    You say "as far as I know" your drivers are up to date.... how sure are you?

    Also, make sure your bios is up to date. Those are the major causes, so I'd confirm 100% before you starting looking for other causes.

    ROCHESTER UK TS Rookie Posts: 23


    Maybe a heat issue,take the side of your case and point a table fan at the gubins inside.worked on my old set up and halflife2.
  4. flashmonkey

    flashmonkey TS Rookie Posts: 103

    A lot of recent gaming problems have been caused my AMD's Cool 'n' Quite "technology" puke: . Try turning that off to see if it solves it.

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot you had an Intel chip.
  5. darraugh

    darraugh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    PC crashing.

    Hi Lads
    Thanks for info.
    I am just going to get technical department onto the problem, got 3 year on site warranty.
    Its even crashing when running Google Earth.
    Will let u know how it turns out.
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