PC to TV getting it to work

By LxTrix
Nov 28, 2007
  1. My motherboard has Realtek ALC883 8 channel sound.

    My graphics card is Leadtek PX7600 GS TDH (info)

    Theres an HDTV out connection on my graphics card. I don't have an HDTV though, EDTV or standard. It came with a cord that has a male composite on one side and a female RGB (red, green, and blue cables) and s video on the other. What i was wondering if it is possible to just connect an s video cable to that and the other to the back of my tv. Would that work? I don't have an s video cable right now but i dont want to go out and buy one if this doesn't work. Another issue is even if i did get video i wouldn't get sound. So what would be my best bet to get sound as well?

    Something like this maybe?


    or maybe just a s video cable and a y cable
  2. turbo1

    turbo1 TS Maniac Posts: 353

    you need to have an S-video cable to carry the video signals out & to connect the two devices.use the cable to connect the HDTV-out (S-video out) of your video card to the S-video input of your TV.

    & for the audio,use the Y cable (your third option on your post).& connect the headphone jack to your motherboard's audio out (headphone socket) or you can do the same if your using a sound card.then connect the other end (RCA jack left & right) to your TV's audio in.then you'll have the audio & video signals on your TV.
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