Pc to VCR makes a buzing noise

By klarens
Oct 6, 2006
  1. I hooked u my computer to a vcr. My videocard has a svcd out.
    I bought a converter that convert it in a rca plug. and got a cable for my soundcard (onboard) that convert the 35mm to the red and white rca's. Then ran a 25ft cable from my pc to my vcr.
    Now here is the problem I get a continous buzzing sound even when I am not using my soundcard. It is not to loud, but anoying.
    This is all I tried so far.
    Hooked sound up to a other computer (soundcart not onboard) (still buzzing)
    Hooked sound up a portible cd player (no buzzing)
    Hooked up my computer to a different outlet (still buzzing)
    Unhooked everthing from my computer except power (still buzzing)
    Tried a different 25 feet cable (still buzzing)
    Hooked it up straight to my tv (still buzzing)
    When my computer is hooked up to my normal speakers (no buzzing)
    When I hook up the sound to my line in or mic on my sound card. (still buzzing)

    Because of this last thing I still think I have a bad ground on both my computers. Do you all have any ideas how to test this ?

    You might be think why is he hooking up his pc to a tv, well if I can get this to work. I just have to buy a tv tuner card and I can make my own TIVO.
    The picture is fine that I get on my tv, so if I can get the buzzing out I will be set.
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    1. the more distance in cable between the two devices the more interference and signal loss you are going to get. Think of it like a giant antenna.

    2. It could also be from grounding problem from either source (most likely the VCR)
  3. klarens

    klarens TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmmm, well I will try to make it shorter.
    You just gave me an idea I can hook up the sound to my pc speakers and get a shorter cable. I will try that tonight.
    Or my next step would me to move my vcr right next to my computer and just run the cable to my tv

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