PCI Express question

By teradost
Jul 18, 2006
  1. Sup everyone

    I've been look at different motherboards for my system, and want something with PCI Express. However, all of the motherboards with PCI Express have either 1 or 2 "x16" slots and 2 or 3 "x1" slots.

    How important is it to have the extra PCI Express x16 slot? And what kind of cards are being made for the PCI Express x1 slot? Basically, should I dish out bucks for the extra "x16" slot or stick it out with the "x1" slots?

    A bonus question: are there motherboards coming out that have only the PCI Express slots? I plan on waiting a couple of months to see what Processor improvements AMD and Intel come up with before buying, and want to know whether there are new motherboards coming out as well

  2. wolfram

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    The slot you should be interested in is the X16 one. It's used for video cards. It's faster than AGP, although not too much.

    The X1 slot are nearly useless right now. They will someday replace the standard PCI.
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