Pci to agp??

By randomnumber
Feb 14, 2005
  1. I'm hoping someone here can help me, my crappy motherboard doesn,t have an agp slot, just a couple of pci slots.

    Someone told me that there is an adapter card to plug into pci and give you an agp.

    Can anyone help? I can't seem to find any information on the net.

    thank you
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388


    I don't think this exists, but you could get a pci video card like this.
    I think this is one of the best pci cards.

    Well I think I found an adapter, but the page is in some language I don't know.
    I still would get a pci graphics card, because a using an agp card in a pci slot limits the agp cards speed (think agp 1/2x). Pci graphics cards are designed to use the pci bus, and I think they would work better.
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