Persario 6000 not booting

By sabenfox
Jan 7, 2006
  1. hey all, i'm working on a Persario 6000 cpu. I tried to boot the computer and nothing happens, no fans, video, nothing. The only thing is a blinking red light right next to the HD LED on the front of the case. I'm guessing that it is probably the power supply, but i would hate to get a power supply and if it end up being the motherboard is bad, but i don't think i have any way to test it, as i don't have a voltage tester or a power supply.

    am i just screwed here ? =P
  2. Jaquio

    Jaquio TS Rookie Posts: 26

    mmm... can u get a PSU borrowed?... cause it seems to be a PSU problem...

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I agree with the above poster.
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