physical memory dump (blue screen)

By swift101
Dec 29, 2005
  1. recently i tried installing TOEE on my pc and when i got to the point in instalation where i had to choose where to install i chose accessories as normal and pressed next.

    at this point my computer started a physical memory dump... i had to restart my pc which meant installation was not possible. so i tried installing it somewhere else.... same thing happend. next i tried installing another game.... it happend again. i ran my antivirus which was fine and then i scanned for spyware using spybot.... as i clicked fix problems my old friend physical memory dump game back so i cant fix them. i tried running a checkdisk but although it says its deleteing files when i run one straight after there still there.

    anyone got any ideas what i can do to fix this probem??

    any ideas are appreciated
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