Pioneer DVR 107D not reading dvd-rw or dvd+ rw.

By grecai
Feb 6, 2005
  1. :knock:
    Hello I am puzzled.
    I have the DVR 107d, ver 1.18. Running XP home, Nero 6. Incd 4. The drive is detected as a dvd rw in BIOS.
    When I place a dvd in drive it reads it and opens it. Same with cd's. However when I place a dvd rw in the drive it will not recognise it and tells me it's a cd.
    I have downloaded the latest firmware from Pioneer ver 2.1, I receive a message no device found.
    I have reinstalled software, drivers, checked websites etc and cannot find out why this is happening.
    The drive is set up as master on IDE 2.
    Last week the drive was reading DVD rw okay.
  2. captin

    captin TS Rookie

    I had a simalar problem and had to install a new DVD decoder and you may want to give that a try
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