Pleas Help, My computer just shuts off

By huddy05201
Dec 31, 2004
  1. I have a e-machine laptop and the thing will just shut off without warning. It does sound like the fan is working hard, and they it will shut off. If you try to turn it back on right away, it will just shut off again. I do not know much about computer, and I don't know what is going on. Also, the computer does not turn off when I am running a certain program, it is random. Does is sound like I need a new fan, or could it be something else? I thank anyone that does help me.
  2. Shiney

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    It does sound like you have an overheating problem, is it possible to get at the fan and give it a good cleaning, dust build up on the fans in laptops can cause these problems.
  3. raj2450

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    I`m new to the FORUM, but perhaps I can help. First, need more details of problem__i.e. does it shut off:
    After a certain length 0f time, while running a certain program, have you checked it for viruses, have you checked your BIOS power saving mode versus windows--you should disable all BIOS enabled power saving if you are using windows power saving features, or lock-up conflicts which appear to be a shutdown can exist. If all else fails, try booting the laptop with a floppy boot disk into DOS (A:\> prompt), let it run and see if it shuts down.
    Overheating of the CPU usually will cause either freezes or a spontaneaous reboot.
    Hope this helps.
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