Please help, can not find correct vista driver for my videocard

By awsskater892
Feb 9, 2007
  1. Hi, I can not find the driver on nvidia's website for my videocard. I have the 32bit version of Vista Ultimate, and my card is the geforce 7950gt. on the site I go to downloads, then in the boxes I choose graphics driver > geforce and TNT2, and in the last box, I dont know what to put. They have a couple choices, but no 32bit vista. the choices they do have are (not listing all because obvioulsy server and 95 drivers are pointless):
    xp mediacenter
    xp professional x64
    vista x86
    vista x64
    and a few more....

    Please help me out. thanks alot! -Nick
  2. Bluemouse

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  3. foozy

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    Vista x86 are the 32-bit drivers, oddly enough. Looks like Bluemoose has the right link.
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