Please help!! My computer doesn't open or upload pictures

By owura02
Feb 12, 2006
  1. Since yesterday, my computer won't open any pictures. It does not upload pictures to an attachment either. When I try to open a file under "my pictures" folder, the windows picture and fax viewer opens and it hangs on "generating preview". Once ina while I am able to open pictures on my desktop which takes about 8 seconds, following that, no picture opens.

    I doenloaded a softwares called snapfish and fujifilm prior to this problem but I have removed them both. PLease help me . please!!!!

    I cant do system restore because it was off
  2. owura02

    owura02 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank God! I fixed it. I went to task manager and clicked on "Processes". I did print screen, and pasted it on MS doc. I then restarted my computer and tried opening a picture file, then went back to task manager , to processes and compared which .exe file was not on the previous list.
    I found out it was msiexec.exe, which I understood was a window installer program. So i went to Microsoft support site and downloaded windows installer for XP. That did the trick!

    Although I didnt get any responses, I appreciate all those who stop to read what I had to say.
  3. owura02

    owura02 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I spoke too soon. I can view the pictures using infraview software but not the "windoes picture and fax viewer". Also i cannot select any picture under "my document" folder or "my pictures" folder. When I am selecting a file to attach to an email or to display on a website, the computer freezes. Please help!!!!
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