Please help..RA2 Lan automtic disconnect whenever we start new game

By ogagbako
Dec 9, 2008
  1. please wife and I would like to play RA2 via lan. she use laptop and mine is desktop. we both configured our IPX and we both see each other in the player list.

    The problem now is that whenever I start a new game for the lobby..her machine automatically disconnect or gone in the player list and vice versa if she would start a new game. Everytime I start a new game RA2 is asking for another player. If I go back to the networking. her name is present in the player list and vice versa.

    We both use xp..we use hub..and we do not know if both of our machine is slave and we don;t know how to make a machine a master or a server.All firewall off. File sharing is ok. We are running RA2 on her laptop using the RA2 exe on my shared file.Everything seems running smoothly. Please give advice..thanks so much
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