portable hard drive not recognized - no response at all

By c2323j
Feb 24, 2006

    Thanks in advance for assisting me.

    I own an I/O magic portable hard drive and recently I was doing a defrag or cleaning the drive with system mechanic or some other program, etc. Nevertheless, I disconnected the drive from its USB slot without asking it to shut down...thus, I can no longer access the drive, i.e....when I plug it in the USB slot it is not recognized, e.g. nor show up in "my computer".

    The led lights which normally move when unit is accessed or plugged in are constantly lit up or what one would call stuck in the lighted position which would normally mean the unit was accessing data, etc. Mind you - no movement. I can't hear the unit nor heads or anything on this unit - silence.
    Although, there does seem to be a very slight vibration unless it is my desktop system it is plugged into

    I have some very sensitive documents on this unit...I need IN!

    please help

  2. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Try reboot your PC, but before it boots plug in the portable and let windows find it again on boot up. That should work.
  3. c2323j

    c2323j TS Rookie Topic Starter

    HDD Problems

    Did not work, still no activity nor recognition in my computer section/tab
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