Power led flashing, again

By engelen
Oct 11, 2009
  1. ANtec AR-350 Power supply, K99MV Motherboard. Problem started after I had some problems switching Wireless Network card. The computer runs for about 2-3 minutes and the Poff! screen black, Power led flashing slowly. I have stripped out everything except memory, started and gone into the bios and left it there just monitoring the board (voltage and fan speed). Same thing happens. My dilemma is to decide if it is the motherboard or the power supply. It is not memory, I have 2 banks and have tested one and one. I am currently in Gran Canaria, Las Palmas so its a bit difficult to find hardware. Any help on how to decide?
  2. Ritwik7

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    Just a thought, try replacing your mobo battery. I had similar problems of the computer randomly shutting down / restarting on my older rig and replacing the battery helped. How old is your system BTW?
  3. engelen

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    Checked the battery. Holds 3 volt as it should.
    I have made 2 runs on how long the computer runs after each start.
    - 4.5 minutes
    - 2.5 minutes
    - 2.0 minutes
    - 1.5 minutes

    Let the computer rest for a couple of hours
    - 7.5 minutes
    - 3.0 minutes
    - 1.7 minutes.

    Cpu temperature around 53 centigrades all the time. System temp max at 40 centigrades.

    So I assumed that it was a temperature related problem. Disconnected the CPU fan and the CPU temperature raised to 66 and the computer stopped after 1.7 minutes. Not a problem with cpu temp then. System temp pretty constant

    Would like to run the Power supply all by it self but have not succeeded in starting it without it being conncted to the board.

    The system is a K99MV board, a couple of years old I guess. All other including case and power supply is a couple of month old. I suspect the power supply. I will cool it down good and see how long the computer runs. The power supply is labeled Antec AR-350. Funny, its not listed on Antecs site.
  4. Ritwik7

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    I asked you to change the battery as it wears out with use. If you eliminate that, then you're left with the mobo or PSU.

    It's difficult to determine what's causing the problem. The best way to do so would be to try and borrow a PSU from someone of possible and see if you're machine works properly. If it does, then it's the PSU that's the issue. If not, you've got a fried mobo.
  5. engelen

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    >It's difficult to determine what's causing the problem.
    Agree to that. Have cooled different component (PSU, chassi bottom under cpu and other parts). The only place making a significant difference is under the cpu but it is not the pocessor temp. I have monitored that from the bios. Only conclusion is that its someting on the mobo somewhere that gets heated and gives up. Probably shorting the power supply. I had a voltmeter on the 5V and it seemed to do a small dip the instant before the computer stalled. Dont know of anyone here on Gran Canaria that could borrow me a power supply. I will try to get hold of a new mobo. Thanks for your interest :)
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