powerbook g4 lock out

By steyr223
Sep 2, 2006
  1. well hello again

    my bestis buddy jumped ship,i still can't belive it

    i already read and sent this link
    on how to bypass a powerbook password

    my pc experience(A+,mcse[pre-2000],ccna,ccnp,network+,
    security+,etc) lets just say extensive

    my experience with mcApple or whatever it's called
    i may have actually turned one on in 1981

    anyways the link,form wasn't all that clear

    did that work and if not why

    my brother has reformated by holding down c and i think
    booting from system disk(brand new dvd osx10.??.?)

    but now it wont let him in i think at the login screeen(say's
    it asks for username and password when botting

    aby input would be greatly appreciated

    thanks steyr223
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