Pranked Someone! 1 point!

By abe10tiger
Oct 6, 2010
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  1. Ow yah! Just pranked a student in the 5th grade!! I made a prank virus and left it in the computer. When a 5th grade student sat in my place, he saw the file and clicked it. After clicking it, he was like "ow crap!" then i came in to rescue him! EPIC PRANK!!! one point! XD
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    ^ That's just mean

    I have a pretty good one I did with a friend last week. I take a computer science class at my school, and it takes place right after lunch in our computer lab. During the lunch break, I set up my iPod touch as a remote to the computer my teacher uses, so that I can wirelessly control the computer's iTunes library and volume. Then my friend downloaded a god-awful Soulja Boy song (turn my swag on) to the library. Class started, and after he was done talking, my teacher asked if there were any questions. My friend raises his hand and says "So, Dave(we call our teachers by 1st names), what is swag?" and played the song through my teacher's computer, at maximum volume. Half the class though it was hilarious, and the other half had no idea what the hell had just happened. And the teacher didn't get mad, which is always a plus.

    Maybe this should become a "post your best computer pranks" thread. Just an idea.
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    Awesome! Hey, i like the idea of this being "your best prank thread" :D

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