Primary sata raid secondary ide not detected

By sekle
Feb 23, 2006
  1. Im running a asus a8v deluxe motherboard with 2 sata raid slots, 2 regular sata slots, and 2 ide slots. I have my os installed on my sata raid which is made up of 2 40 gb raptor hard drives, i decided to add a larger ide drive for storage but it isnt recognized in windows. I purchased a western digital 80 gb ide drive and connected it to the secondary ide slot on the motherboard since my cd roms are taking up the primary. I left the hard drive jumper on the master setting and plugged it into the master spot on the ide cable. I kept my raid as primary boot and cd rom as secondary since the hard drive is empty, but recieve an error when booting about the hard drive not being detected properly but windows boots fine after bypassing the error. When i get into windows the new drive doesnt appear anywhere except in device manager which states its functioning properly. Ive tried changing jumper settings to cable select and slave but neither changed anything. Is it even possible to run a sata raid as primary and ide as secondary?
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    you are still going to have to label the partition on the new hdd as active and format it so that window can assign it a drive letter.. go to the my computer icon and right click it then left click manage.. a new window will appear on the left hand side find the option that says disk management then on the right side in the window find the drive that is new and chose to format it will ask you to assign a driver letter or manually assign one.. you should be good after that then reboot and check the bios setting and make sure that your options are set to combination boot for sata and ide so that it doesn't try to boot to the primary partition on an empty hadd with no os then go to the sata to boot..
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