Printer IDE cable Jam

By uisdean
Aug 3, 2007
  1. I was asked to look at a friend’s printer: an Epson Stylus C20UX.
    I switched it on and immediately thought that it didn’t sound too great at start up: the print-head sounded as if it was straining a bit and printer was making a “ratcheting” noise as if cogs were slipping on their runners.
    On closer inspection, I found that the IDE printer cable (if that’s what it’s called) was getting trapped between the moving print head and the side of the ink replacement cover. As a result, the cable has become kinked in places and will not allow free travel of the moving print head (it keeps getting trapped between cover and print head, forcing it to stop and give error message).

    1. Is it easy to replace the IDE cable?
    2. Is it likely that this problem has now permanently damaged the printer’s operation?
    3. Any suggestions?
  2. Tedster

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    1. without examination, it may or may not be hard to replace the part- but the question is whether you can even get the part.
    2. If the printer is still under warranty - send it to an authorized repair shop (don't forget most credit cards will extend warranties free.)
    3. Printers generally are cheap. It may be more cost effective to replace it.
    4. Another solution is to buy a salvage printer off of ebay for parts.
  3. uisdean

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    Thanks mate. I agree, and think that buying a replacement might be the best and most cost-effective option.
    When I switch on the printer it makes a bit of a racket and seems to strain a bit: I suspect that the print head sticking has possibly caused some permanent damage to the mechanism?
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