Probems with 2 SATA 200 GB

By Los
Mar 9, 2005
  1. Having problems using 2 SATA HDs. One is Seagate and the other is Maxtor.
    Both 200gb.The board is intel D865GBF. Have a 40gb and a 120 gb IDE conected also.
    Windows XP on one of them, NTFS primary (Seagate)
    The Other is FAT32 logical (Maxtor)
    When trying to access and save data on Maxtor hd, suddenly the machine freezes, then it says is impossible to save in the HD, then the hd disapears.

    Why is that? Where is the problem here, once the board accepts 2 SATA and 2 IDE?
  2. seagatebasher

    seagatebasher TS Rookie

    Same old Thing

    I think you need to check out with Intel for this because mh motherboard is of the same built and my SEAGATE HDD also crashes like Hell. I think you get the error message " Delayed Write Failure"
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