Problem booting

By AbdulaOblongata
Jul 29, 2009
  1. last night i shut down my computer so some windows updates could install. it had been running fine for a while before i shut it down, but when i went to start it up it froze in the boot process. i restarted it and had the same problem. from there i restarted it in safe mode and it booted up fine. after a few min i try to boot up normally again and it freezes yet again. the next time i boot i go to the bios menu to see if anything is out of wack, but everything appears normal, so i let the computer boot up in normal mode. this time it lodes into windows, i log on my account, then get a message saying that im using selective start up. i hit ok then change back the setting to normal start up mode then restart my computer. once again it starts fine and is running now. not sure what the problem was/is. maybe there was a problem with the update. any suggestions

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