Problem caused by Device Driver-HELP!

By rbrt3811
May 28, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,
    My pc keeps involuntarily rebooting. when I send MS an error log I get a reply message saying "Problem caused by Device Driver". I've been getting this for ages now. Ive reformatted but I must keep re-installing whichever driver is causing the trouble. Im running windows XP SP2 and Ive got a BFG Tech GeForce 7800GS video card. ive updated the drivers atleast 6 times and im still getting this error message. I'm pulling my hair out! any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much
  2. rbrt3811

    rbrt3811 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, I disabled the auto reboot feature and I got the BSOD. The error read IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and then the next message read
    STOP: 0x0000000A (0XC001CFB4, 0X000000002, 0X00000000, 0X804EBBFE)
    I've been reading other similar posts but I haven't figured it out yet. Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much

  3. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    Post some minidump files. Look in C:\Windows\Minidump.
  4. kwspony

    kwspony TS Booster Posts: 121

    I have been having the same issue. I use the Windows Debugging Tools and it always tells me that the bad driver is a Microsoft driver, but not which driver it is. Usually something to do with the NT or NTFS drivers. It has been a pain in the **** and I still haven't found a fix. Download the tools and learn how to use them, there is a link here somewhere that explains how. you will get a better idea of what the problem is.
  5. rbrt3811

    rbrt3811 TS Rookie Topic Starter



    here are a few recent minidumps. I should also note that I reformatted my HD about 6 months ago and Ive been getting these error messages both before and after and Ive installed 2 different video cards and the erors occurred with both cards installed. ugh, im pulling my hair out!


  6. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    One of the dumps has crashed with Bugcheck 1A, which is usually related to a RAM problem. If you have two sticks of RAM, take out one and see if it still crashes. If it does then run the other stick by itself.

    BugCheck 1A, {41284, ce42001, 233b, c0503000}
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiLocateWsle+c0 )
  7. rbrt3811

    rbrt3811 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks peterdiva!

    Ill try that today!
  8. sujiruo

    sujiruo TS Rookie can I view those dump files? i tried notepad and wordpad it seems not working.
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