Problem connecting ADSL & Dialup modem in one PC

Feb 14, 2007
  1. I have internet connection (ADSL/ T1) throuhg ADSL modem+spliter connected in inbuilt LAN potr in mother board and also one HSP56k v0.9 Dialup modem card connected in PCI slot on mother board. When I connect Dialup modem with Tele: Out (Analog) port of ADSL spliter a huge amout of noise comes out on telephone line that unable me to use PC dialup & FAX softwares. But if I connect one telephone on same port at splitter by removing dialup modem no noise found and the telepnone set works fine.
    Please advise me how to connect both the modem at a time that to use both the fetures of ADSL & Dialup on same PC. Tha configaration of my PC is as under:
    MotherBoard: Intel D845GVSR
    Processor: Intel 2.4 Ghz
    RAM: 512 MB + 256 MB
    HardDrive: 80GB, WesternDigital
    OS: Windows XP Prof: with SP2
    I have connected as advise in (The Dialer-Problem in Detail).
  2. Rick

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    This may seem elementary, but just to make sure your setup is right...


    First, is your splitter also a DSL filter? If it is, it will have two ports and one will be labeled with something that identifies it as a DSL filter. The other port will be just a regular ol' phone line port.

    The end with the cable plugs into your house phone line. The 'ADSL' port on the splitter connects with a phone line running from your modem. The 'Phone' port, connects with a phone line running from your phone.

    A filter should be placed on all voice phone-based devices, including fax machines.
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  3. AR4U

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    My connection is same as you describe. Is the problem with in splitter/filter or with the modem?
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