Problem in win-10 updates

  1. I'm Mr. Viraf P Chinoy from Mumbai, India & am a Windows Insider for almost 2 years now.

    I've installed build 14383 on my 500GB SSD about 10 days ago. This was using Settings --> Windows updates option. Before that I had build 14362 if I remember it correctly. no probs till here.

    All these win-10 updates in the past were generally installed by me between 2 AM & 6 AM so that I get good speed from my ISP & by the morning my PC has a new build ready for me to do testing. As I've a 4MBps connection I've got the 4GB update done in about 3-4 hours & about 30-40 mins to installed the latest build.

    Now for the last 4-5 days I've been trying to get updates but am unable to do so. No build update is shown at all Why I dont know? The defer updates tick mark is not there. I'm on Fast track & my connection to MS account is also OK.

    Pl help me so that I can install / start working ion 14390 which is the latest build.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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