Problem with BitHead amp & SB Audigy

By volemus
Jul 22, 2007
  1. I use an Audigy 4 for my loudspeakers and later got the BitHead because I use headphones a lot and got tired of switching plugs in the back of the tower. Soon I started seeing crashes with CTSysVol.exe, I think when I was using Creative's media player through the BitHead. So apparently there's some conflict there.
    Anyway, yesterday I decided to see if there were any new drivers for the Audigy. I downloaded & installed it, and then I plugged in the Bithead only now there was no sound. So I went back into the CP & reverted back to the previous driver, but I still can't get any audio through the Bithead. I can hear the 'device-on' sound when I plug it in (only if I leave the loudspeakers on); and I can hear the crackling noises (which are typical of this amp) through the headphones whenever I play with the amp controls, and can hear a little something when I first plug in the amp (but not the 'device-on' audio file).
    I might also mention I have a 500w PSU, which HeadRoom said was "a lot of juice" to be running through this amp. Did I blow it up, or is it a software conflict?
    Help, please...
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