Problem with CS or 9800xt, please help

By smitty
Jan 3, 2004
  1. My original probelm was my FPS going crazy, but ive adjusted it to where it only jumps from 100 FPS to 70(when seeing someone) I can live with that. The problem that is really getting me is the quality of the game. Before it ran very smooth(GeForce 5200) I upgrade to Radeon9600xt, try to play CS and its crap. When standing still the graphics look fine. If i begin to move the mouse the graphics begin to get pretty choppy(some maps are worse than others) My FPS will remain the same, but the graphics get sort of...distorted. I have Vsync off, Truform off, all that AA antilasing stuff off, my refresh rate is at 85hz, i have tweaked CS a thousand times butnothing works for me. Any help as to why the graphics do this would be great!
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