Problem with defragmenting a part of F.E.A.R. game file

By MMDominator88
May 27, 2007
  1. Hey; whenever I run the windows disk defragger, the only file not defragmented is the arch.00 file under Sierra/FEAR which is roughly 4 Gb big.....any ideas ?? (a 3rd party defragger ??)
  2. Xeek

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    What defragmenting does is rearrange where files are located on the physical disk (not where they are in folders). Sometimes one file is located on different parts of the disk and accessing all those parts takes a little longer than normal. That's why we defrag, to rearrange the pieces of the files so they're right next to each other on the physical disk.

    What's happening with the 4gb file is that defrag needs temporary space (disk space that's not used at all) in order to rearrange it as needed. Is your hdd full, do you have 4gb free? If you have more than 4gb free and it still won't defrag the file, big whoop. It doesn't harm anything, it just means that one piece is here and the other is there and your operating system and hdd will handle it no problems.

    If you're really concerned, uninstall fear and reinstall it.
  3. MMDominator88

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    ok, I won't worry about it cuz we have like 10 Gb free on the disk, TY very much for the advice
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