Problem with Realtek HD audio on GA-8I945P PRO MB

Jun 15, 2006
  1. HELLO,
    I have a computer with GA-8I945P PRO MB. and a capture card DV500-dvd.
    The audio output of this card must be connected to the Line In jack of the motherboard to monitor the audio before rendering, when I connecte the cable to the Line In jack ,the motherboard detects the input jack as line in but I don't have any sound ,I reinstalled the audio driver several times and also changed the windows from sp1 to sp2 but no result ,I tested with Jetaudio program too, the same result ,how can I get the audio from LineIn to monitor the audio before recording , and is motherbourd faulty or not?
  2. Zobia

    Zobia TS Rookie

    A_Al Has your problem been fixed?
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