Problem with removable disk

By disturbed
Jun 2, 2009
  1. Malware and redirection problem

    Hello there,

    The problem I am having is that for my MP3 player, I used to go to run, scroll down to removable disk and add songs onto there for my mp3 player. A couple days ago when I plugged in my mp3 through the USB as usual the removable disk did not show up in the selectable options. Since then i am not able to add songs to my mp3 player. When I plug in the mp3 player, I can see it in my task bar as a mass storage device plugged in but the removable disk is not there. Is this possibly malware related?

    Although, I have run malware bytes and ccleaner more than a few times.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 572   +6

    The drive might have an errorPlug in the device, then restart the system, Check Disk should then run automatically, and attempt to fix any errors if any are found. Let me know if this helps.
  3. disturbed

    disturbed TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Thank you for the quick response Tworld. Unfortunately, I am not very computer savvy so I do not understand what you mean by error Plug.

    I believe my computer is not performing at optimal levels so just in case there are other malware problems, I am posting the 3 logs as requested in the 8 step program. Please look into them as well.

  4. LookinAround

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    1) The "missing" drive might just be the result of a "drive letter conflict". See Fix a Drive Letter that Doesn't Appear or

    2) simply start by unplugging your MP3 player and then run the drivecleanup tool. See here
  5. disturbed

    disturbed TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    I was able to get the removable disk back I guess after I ran an AVG scan it found a few things which may have caused the problem.

    Can I still get an expert to look at my logs please?

    Thanks again.
  6. disturbed

    disturbed TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    I should probably list the problems I am having. Firstly, my internet is running sluggish and when I click on sites in search engines it redirects me to advertisements a couple times. I have to go back and click the site again a couple times before I am able to get to the correct site. Also, when I restart or first turn on my computer, when it reaches the desktop it freezes for a good 3-4 minutes before I can access anything.

    The logs are posted above.

    Thanks in advance.

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