Problems with browser & email cws.Qttasks ?

By Pazuzu
Nov 23, 2005
  1. I have had problems with Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird. I ran Spybot S&D - it found a problem with Windows Security Center .AntivirusDisable Notify & I opted to fix.
    CW Shredder found & removed cws.Qttasks but trying to update CWshrredder so far unsuccessful. I do have browser function now but still no email via Thunderbird .am wondering what to do now. I would post a HijackThis (AS A .TXt attachment) - but , trying to boot in safe mode results in the system freezing after a screen or two of files loading.
    After trying to check for update CWS it was difficult to shut down - Task manager failed to end tasks & I had to power off.
    Any ideas?
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  3. Pazuzu

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    Thanks. At the moment I can't re-boot in safe mode. Using the F8 method & selecting option at top of list or the third (the one with command prompt) I get a screenful of lines the bottom one reads:-
    multi(0)disk(0)r disk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\AGPcpq.SYS
    During normal boot up there is a warning box saying that Norton 2005 won't work with repair & something about Install.
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  5. Pazuzu

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    download & run AboutBuster

    I rebooted in safe mode & selected an option to use last known successful system configuration or instance of re-starting. I declined to accept that(I reognised it as a very old config) & booted again which gaver me a more recent config.
    I will try Rick's sticky & try to get safe mode boot & a Hijack scan , but I just tried downloading AboutBuster from the link in the above & findthat it asks for a password when I click on update(it says database is missing).does anyone know anothe way to get buster up & runing? I tried searching the site but no success.
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    Ditch norton & use AVG with Sygate spf ?

    As my Norton 2005 needs renewal soon I am about to install the Sygate spf firewall & use AVG virus checker.
    I see the message that Norton is not compatable with Repair when XP boots & suspect thet some conflict here is part of the problem.
    Thunderbird is still not working - trying to get mail or send fails with no error message -the little green dots move left to right but nothing else seems to happen.
    I have attached a recent HijackThis as a .txt
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    reinstall norton. Disable the ant-virus component.
  8. Pazuzu

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    Problem solved

    :) Thanks to all. Disabled Norton Firewall -eureka! No more"Norton AntiVirus 2005 does not support the repair feature" & emails restored.

    As for turning off the AntiVirus & going online I suggest that Clint Eastwood put it well :-"Do you feel lucky, punk?"
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    I didn't say take out the anti-virus and go online. I SAID remove the norton anti-virus component and implied that you replace it with another.

    Norton firewall is nortoriously troublesome. Remove it and replace it with zonealarm.
    Norton utilities is a fine tool. I have used it for years.
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