Problems with cpu, monitor, and graphics card

By buddycoyote
Feb 6, 2009
  1. HI, Im new to this forum but I really need help.
    My computer has been working for quite some time now, about 5 years, and suddenly i turn it on and usually when i turn my computer on, it hums very loudly, beeps, and then starts to come on. Today, I turned my computer on and it just kept on humming and the monitor showed no signal. I then started fooling around with the cables, unplugging and plugging them back in and that didnt work.

    So I plugged my monitor into the regular slot on the cpu and the desktop screen came on. Before my monitor was plugged into my graphics card. Now my computer is on but the hum is constant and never stops. What can I do to fix this situation?
  2. kimsland

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    Whilst it's on, you may decide to backup any important user data (to CD or USB Flash drive; etc)

    One of the best options is to open the side panel up, and then listen to where the "humming" is specifically coming from

    After turning the computer off, you also may decide to remove all internal dust
    Dust on or around electronic components can cause many issues including no post issues

    Dust can either be removed by high pressure air (air cans can be purchased) obviously performed outdoors (really a lot of dust can be built up over 5 years, even 6 months!)
    Removing all internal dust, could quite possibly fix the issue of humming
  3. buddycoyote

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    Thanks for the information. Ill try it and see if it works
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