Problems with HP Laptop

By djanoff85
Oct 3, 2009
  1. I have an HP Pavilion dv6700nr laptop. Originally, I wasn't really doing much on my laptop when this happened. All I saw on my laptop was bunch of black, white, and gray lines going across the screen. So, I thought that somehow I may have gotten a virus or something and since I couldn't do anything, I decided to turn off my computer and for a little bit. I then turn it back on and as soon as that happens it turns right off. It continues to do that until I press either crtl-alt-delete or the windows button. The first time I did that, I was able to get back to my home screen. So, I tried to do a scan on my computer only to see the same lines on my computer. So, I went through the same steps. I turned off my computer for a bit and turned it back on. It did the same thing of turning on and turning off all by itself. Now, when I try to use ctrl-alt-delete and the windows button, I hear my hard drive turn on but for whatever reason, the screen is off. So, I can't even see anything anymore on my screen. I tried hooking up another monitor to it so, I know it's not the lcd. I know that I don't need a new batter because I tested it and it doesn't change anything with or without it in there.It is no longer under warranty so, sending it back to hp would cost a whole bunch of money that I don't want to pay. I am hoping that there is someway I can either fix or maybe someone out there knows the problem. I wish I had more information but, to be honest, if I did, this whole process would be a lot easier for me. It was working one minute and then the next, this happens. I'm so confused. So, if you have anything that may be able to help, please feel free to comment. I could use all the help I can get.
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    check your user options for screen or image magnification
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