problems with my wireless connection

By Charlie06
Dec 2, 2006
  1. I have one of those belkin things for my wireless connection on my laptop. The laptop was damaged when it was knocked off a desk and landed on the memory stick that was plugged in to the USB port at the back. It knackered the USB port (bent me memory stick) but the other 3 ports worked for a while. Eventually that all packed in, and I sent it to the warranty place, (Tech guys) as they quoted me a repair price for a new motherboard, (of 260 pound). I gave the go-ahead for the repair...then they started adding more...another 120 for courier service! I told them to forget it and send it back as this wasnt mentioned prior to me sending it off. When I got it back i took it to a local computer shop where i know and trust the people. They pulled out the pins in the bad USB port, and the other three were ok. Apparently the damaged one was shorting them all out. The other three were ok after that. However, I cannot get it online??? I thiought maybe they'd messed with a few settings so I tried to a system restore. Apparently this failed because the "framedyn.dll was not found" Dont know what this means...just know I cant get online? Ive tried reinstalling my Belkin adapter, but even though it says its successfully installed, it does nothing??? I know the netgear thing is working ok because my son gets a connection from it on his pc?
    please help...i miss my laptop????
  2. Ididmyc600

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    See here, for how to get framdyn.dll back on the PC, let us know if that helps or not.

    Be seeing you....
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