Protect Your Router

By jobeard
Jan 16, 2008
  1. this could just as easily be placed in the Security forum, but I elected this as
    the primary symptom will be a connectivity issue and there are many posts
    which get resolved by the proper reconfig of the primary DNS.

    January 15, 2008 (IDG News Service) -- Security researchers have released code
    showing how a pair of widely used technologies could be misused to take
    control of a victim's Web browsing experience.

    By tricking a victim into viewing a malicious Flash file, an attacker could use UPnP to
    change the primary DNS (Domain Name System) server used by the router to
    find other computers on the Internet.

    "The most malicious of all malicious things is to change the primary DNS server," the
    researchers wrote. "That will effectively turn the router and the network it controls
    into a zombie which the attacker can take advantage of whenever they feel like it."

    Because so many routers support UPnP, the
    researchers believe that "99% of home routers are vulnerable to this attack."

    Users could avoid this attack by turning UPnP off on their routers, ...

    see the article for details
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