PS Now Open Beta arrives on PS3, three more games coming to the service

  1. Sony has announced that it is opening up the beta for its game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to PS3 users in mainland US and parts of Canada. This means that PS3 users in these areas will now see PS Now titles...

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  2. davislane1

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    "Sony uses a rental model for the gaming service, and prices are relatively high. For example, it costs $3 to rent a game for four hours. However, the company has assured that it will come up with a new pricing model soon."

    They have to. I've browsed over the library they have in PS Now, and it is a very promising service. It's essentially Vudu for video games. The problem, however, is that the prices are way too high to be economical. I can buy used every title they have listed for a much lower hourly rate (dollars/hrs. of game content.). Even if I didn't still have my PS2 and PS3, I could pick up both systems and a respectable library for less in total than what it would cost to play through their listings. If they can't bridge the value gap, they're going to have a tough time getting more people onboard.
  3. Puiu

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    It would be great if eventually they release this for more than just sony products. (PC anyone?)
  4. I remember this failed the first time when it was called SNES Satellite and XBAND (although XBAND was actually really good)

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