PSU vs high end vga

By am21
Dec 9, 2006
  1. my current PSU (not sure about the model)

    +3.3V rail

    28A orange

    is it capable of handling high end vga cards ?? (geforce 7900GT or 8800) ?

  2. DonNagual

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  3. am21

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    +12v = 18A
  4. Grafficks

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    A 450-Watter PSU will just barely be ok for a high end 7-series graphics card. 18A on the +12V rail barely does it for any system. However,you would definately need a PSU replacement to power that 8800 you mentioned.
  5. F1N3ST

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    I have a 450W/18A Case PSU powering a E6300/2GB/7600GT Probably wouldnt be enough if I had an inefficient crappy AMD dual core :)
  6. JimShady23

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    Actual quote on the boxs (wich i have right in front of me......)

    XFX 8800GTX

    NVIDA minimum power supply requirments:
    - 450w or greater (with a +12v current rating of 30a)

    XFX Reccomended Power Supply Requirments:

    - non-SLI: 625w or greater
    - SLI: 800w or greater

    XFX 8800GTS

    NVIDA minimum power supply requirments:
    - 400w or greater (with a +12v current rating of 26a)

    XFX Reccomended Power Supply Requirments:

    - non-SLI: 600w or greater
    - SLI: 700w or greater

    These new cards suck a lot of juice so be prepaired to shell out for a good PSU. Also you will need a SLI power supply if you decide to go with a 8800GTX due to the fact it takes 2 PCIX Power connectors. I am not even sure what kinda solutions there are for the GTX in SLI due to the fact that it would take a total of 4 connectors....
  7. JimShady23

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    F1N3ST: I have a crappy 450 watt 18a PSU powerring my wifes "crappy AMD dual core" and it works just fine - other specs identical to yours.

    And 4 months ago your probably would not have been saying AMD's were so crappy, yes would everyone like to get on the conroe bandwagon, yeah. I know I certainly would, but my crappy AMD dual core works just fine for the time being. In spring after saving a bit so I can do my system right the first time, yeah I will go with a C2Duo setup......I already have the 8800GTX to ease on in there so that will keep the cost down so I can beef up other aspects :)
  8. F1N3ST

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    Lol, I was JK, I hated intel because my system before this was a celeron d :(
  9. JimShady23

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    I'll have to let it slide this time !!! :D .....

    But in all truth there is a lot of "not kidding around" stuff like that going around in the forums. Basically people saying that anything below a E6300 is junk and will under perform.

    Truth being, yes, conroe is a frickin monster series of chips and are going to be more future proof than if you buy a currant AMD cpu, but what people dont realize is that most of AMD's stuff gets a 4 star or higher rating for Vista.

    I understand that direct x 10 is speculated to need the horse power given by the conroe series to run games at optimal settings but not all that want to run Vista arnt into gaming....plain and simple.....

    I just dont like people misleading people......Yeah is $190 cheap for the e6300 that will perform like a FX-62 if OCed 200mhz ? Hell yeah.....But for the people that can only afford a A64 3200+ for $65 it isnt really an option....

    So all in all is A64 as fast as the conroe series ? Not by any means......

    But is the A64 seriies still able to run todays apps, games and a mojority of tomorrows with decent performance ? Yeah they will.......
  10. am21

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    power supply

    my current system is an athlon64 3500+ o/b vga. i heard tht gf8800 needs a C2D cpu to perform well. better to stick with 7900gt :)
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