QNAP HS-210 Silent Two-Bay NAS Review

By Julio Franco
Jan 21, 2014
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  2. Thanks for the review, I was deciding on HS-210 or synology's ds214

    after seeing this review I made my mind, ds214!!!
  3. I had a QNAP TS-212 and it was so annoying that the fan was always on. You say that the fan is quiet in other NAS boxes but if you're sitting in a room with nothing running - you can always hear the NAS if it's in the same room which can drive me insane. I think that's the point of this NAS, if you're in a room with the NAS running reading a book, (Not using the NAS) then this NAS will be silent. Obviously as you start to use it then the hard drives will start to make a noise. I think the HD noise for my case is fine because the main reason that I'm using the NAS will be for DLNA music and video streaming so I won't be able to hear the hard drives.
  4. Steve

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    The TS-220 is near silent and that was the NAS we were talking about, not the older TS-212. Might I suggest if the noise of the TS-212 is driving you insane that you install it in a different room, perhaps a storage cupboard, there is absolutely no reason you need to have that NAS anywhere near you.

    “I think the HD noise for my case is fine because the main reason that I'm using the NAS will be for DLNA music and video streaming so I won't be able to hear the hard drives.”

    I still maintain that hard drives being accessed are louder than fans, they certainly are in the desktop PC in my office and it has ten 120mm fans.
  5. In the days of smart TVs with DLNA I see no big reason for a HDMI output, so I don't consider it important (just like Synology). If I don't mind the extra consumption and noise, I'd go with 214play.
    BTW noise... with no HDMI I wouldn't need to have the NAS close to the TV set, but rather in a separate room, so fan noise is no problem.
  6. This is likely to be an ideal machine for my situation. I am in shared accommodation with three other people and only have one room for everything. I have a laptop, a small desk and my bed and chair in the room. I am going to set this up on the desk and use it mainly for remote access and file sharing with friends over the net. Having it be fairly quiet is important since it will be right at my desk. I don't mind the drive noise but a fan would be too much. and with its small form factor I can place the router right on top of it and have a neat presentable appearance for when guests visit. Speed is not vital since I don't expect heavy or consistent loads.

    I think this this is ideal for a SOHO that wants everything in the office or even an SMB that wants a neat presentable solution for appearance sake. DLNA is a nice plus and make the HDMI port moot. The Seagate anomaly is interesting; I wonder what Seagate's opinion on it would be? It does seem to have a steady scaled curve which suggests that there may have been a design choice involved.

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