Questions about purchasing a video card upgrade

By Mel411
Feb 15, 2007
  1. I run a small video business - and I am wanting to be able to output from my program (studio 10.7) to a TV I have in my office. My computer does not have an output option at this time - other than to my monitor. I don't want to over do the computer I have but I would like to add this feature. Where do I start? What video card do I need? Would this be a PCI card? I think I want s-video out - right? I have the Nividia GeForce 6100 graphics card now. When I upgrade my card do I need to add any new memory or any other upgrades to make everything work right?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Well pretty much any PCI video card with a S-Video Out should do just fine. I own two video cards. 1: Nvidia 8800GTX (Best single card available), and 2: Nvidia 6200 PCI (Utter crap), both with S-Video Out. And I cannot see a difference on my TV between the two. (Beside performance). So go to and find a PCI card that has S-Video Out. I suggest this one,
    This card has S-Video Out, VGA, and DVI (in case you purchase a more efficient computer monitor.) It also has 128-bits which might help you out in the future. I know its sort-of expensive, but it has DX9 which will be able to maintain Windows Vista. Anything lower than DX9 wouldn't work well on Vista, if at all. Oh yeah, and make sure your TV has a S-Video plug in the back, or wherever. Best of Luck,
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