Question's about telnet

By brandon_09
Jan 1, 2005
  1. Jus had a question about Telnet. How would i use telnet from My school? I dont get how to use the user names and passwords? Can someone plz give me helpful info on how to set this up!?! Thanks
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    First of all, telnet is Bad since it is unencrypted and anyone can sniff your passwords and everything you do. I recommend SSH instead.

    First you enable telnet on the server computer. On Windows it is a service to install/enable. On unixoid systems you have to enable it in either inetd or xinetd.

    If you have a firewall then you have to enable connections to port 23 on the server side.

    Telnet uses the users and passwords on its host computer. So if you telnet to a system then you just enter a user and a password on that target system as prompted. Usually you cannot login as the root user via telnet by default.
  3. brandon_09

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    RE: Questions's about telnet

    Thanks for the info. My operating system is Windows XP. WHen i click Start then Run, then i type in telnet then an IP Address, then it opens, but it will say connecting, then it exit's telnet?? Whats wrong? How can i connect to my School's IP Address?
  4. Nodsu

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    The machine you are connecting to does not have a telnet server running.

    Are you sure you are connecting to a correct address?
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