Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics Problem

By DoorMatt
Feb 9, 2006
  1. I recently went on holiday for a few weeks and my computer wasn't in use during this time. When I returned I went to install COD2 but when I tried to load the game the videos never appeared. I could access the menu, so i tried playing the game, the game was a strange mixture of sharp spikes and boxes which i am guessing was supposed to be a trench. Well I thought it would be a driver issue and updated the ATI drivers with the latest ones from their website for the Radeon 9800 Pro, this then failed to load up windows and just presented me with a black screen. I also noticed that black lines had appeared on the boot screen for windows xp which made me think that its not a driver issue. I reinstalled all the drivers trying several different versions and still no luck, eventually plumping for the Windows XP default radeon 9800 pro drivers. The strange thing is I can run everything in windows that is 2d, as soon as I try 3d I get wierd grid things appear (see attached image). I thought it may be the fan dying, but its still spinning fine and doesn't appear to be overheating, its not dusty and the power connections are all excellent (all options I have seen on other threads regarding this card). The only thing about this card is its coming on for 2 years old, but its never really been pushed graphically. Does anyone have any solutions or proceedures I could try to fix this problem?
    I appologise for the long essay, just helps explain the background to the problem a bit better.



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