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Apr 25, 2006
  1. Hollurrrr guys!!

    I have this totally annoying problem as follows; I bought a new g-card today..a Radeon X700 256MB agp 8x..first when I installed it=no major problems, it started, windows started, but with the suckiest resolution and colors, and that whas after I installed aaall new drivers and software and removed the old (radeon 9200 pro 256mb) AND THEN ;) when i restarted the computer the screen turned black after the bootscreen and NOTHING happened..I mean the screen stayed black. I put the old g-card back and it was like before (after 1 reboot). Downloaded all new stuff from but nothing :p
    First time I installed it I've got the error code 12 (not enough resources to start the device) but according på h-monitor there was no lack of voltage..****ing crazy right??
    Anybody got any tips?Please this is soooo annoying!

    Peace out my friends
  2. 18sx

    18sx TS Rookie Posts: 37

    did u connect the psu to the card itself?
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