Ram Chip Fixable

By james_k1988
Oct 11, 2006
  1. First of all my Spec is in my sig :D

    At september i got 2 1g sticks of Corsair RAM (pc3200), i put them in the pc (wouldnt go on dual channel at the time but i wasnt bothered, just put em in 2 seperate channels) and off it went. About 3 weeks later i got this problem, which i tracked down to one of those 1g sticks. Whenever this stick is in the problem starts.

    The problem is that everything crashes with the message "this program has encountered a problem and needs to close" and asks whether to send a error report (And i mean everything. Folders, MSN, Explorer etc and it happens almost constantly after a short while). Its definetly one of those sticks that causes this ive made sure of that. Question is, is a problem like this fixable? I was going to run a diagnostic to see if it could mend it but i was told that ill probably just have to replace it. I thought different since the problem isnt as bad as a black screen on boot or anything like that, so i just want to know if this is true (becuase the diagnostic takes ages an i dont wanna waste my time if it wont help) and that if it is fixable does anyone know a tool i could use.


    (incase anyone thinks its the mobo i tested a m8's 1g stick in my board on Dual channel and it worked gr8, so it is without a doubt this stick thats causeing bother)
  2. Rik

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    There is no way to fix bad ram!!! Unless you have an oscilloscope and lots of time on your hands that is!!!!!
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