RAM problems

By Littlehorn
Feb 26, 2005
  1. Purchased 2*512mb (pc3200 dual channel and the the motherb does accept them) legend ram sticks.
    i tested them using a boot program and they checked out ok after 12 hours testing.
    But i have been getting random crashes, full resets and just general game crashes.
    These happen most frequently when playing games.
    I have tried the ram on 2 computers and they have both had the same errors.
    Yet they both still work fine when using my old 256* 2 ddr133 ram.
    I also get the same problems when only using 1 of the 512 sticks.

    So i figured the ram must have been at fault in some way which only occurs under high loads or in windows. overheating maybe.
    so i bought another dual channel kit twinmos same specs as the other stuff.
    However i have been having exactly the same problems sice installing this.

    I tried turning the ram timings down to 50% speed and it was running fine for about 2 days then suddenly it starts crashing again.

    Please help me this has been goin on for about 6 months now and its got me stumped.
  2. Littlehorn

    Littlehorn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It seems to be crashing LESS after the 50% drop in speed (Cross fingers)
    Is it possibly overheating problems?

    Motherboard is soltek sl75frn2-l
    cpu AMD 2600xp
    GFX radeon 9800pro
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