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By babaagr
Jul 7, 2007
  1. whenever i turn on my comp., a message flashes..." your computer has memory problems... please contact the computer manufacturer for details.."

    i tried running the windows memory diagnoistic utiliy.. and at test#2, it says " hardware problems detected.. plz contact computer manufacturer for details.."

    my config is:

    e6400 @ 2.13 ghz
    asus p5w dh deluxe mobo
    ram : (1) transcend 1gb (800 mhz)
    (2) kingston 512 mb (800 ghz)
    (3) transcend 512 mb (800 mhz)
    nvidia 7900 gs
    seagate 250 gb (7200 rpm)
    os: windows vista ultimate

    i tried running the comp with only one of the 3 sticks... and it works fine with each of them... it is just that when i use them all together , it gives error...

    please help..
  2. Tmagic650

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    Did you try the 2 Kingston modules together? Did you just configure this 3-module setup? It is never wise to mix memory. You actually hurt performance rather than help it, when you do the mixing thing
  3. Tedster

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  4. babaagr

    babaagr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am sorry..
    actually my 1 gb stick is of transcend rather than kingston...
    i have edited the post...
  5. babaagr

    babaagr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot, "Tedster"

    i had my both 512 mb rams in the two alternate orange slots.. and my 1gb ram in one of the black slots...

    i ran memtest for about 2 hours (2 passes) and it showed me the following
    1) pass 0: 7 errors at test no. 7
    2) pass 1: 3 errors, one each at test no. 3 ,4 and 6.

    i took out my 1 gb stick and ran memtest again with both the 512 mb sticks in and got the following report :
    1) pass 0: 1 error at test#7
    2) pass 1: 2 errors at test#5 and 4 errors at test#7

    at last i took out all of my ram modules and then ran the memtest again with individual modules and the results were :

    1) with only the kingston 512 ram (1 pass) : no error !
    2) with only the transcend 512 mb stick (1 pass) : 1 error at test no. 7
    3) with only the transcend 1 gb ram stick (1pass) : 10 errors at test no. 6

    please help me.... how to interprete and use these results ?

    i had overclocked my cpu in the past... but havn't overclocked my ram ever..

    thanks in advance..
  6. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    any errors with memtest are bad and indicate your ram is faulty.
    Overclocking stresses your system and could stress your ram past the breaking point.

    I suggest getting 2 modules of the same capacity and run them in dual channel mode as replacements. Be sure to re-read the guide carefully and RTFM.
  7. babaagr

    babaagr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    but is this test so reliable.. that i need to change 2 of the 3 ram sticks....
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