Ran Combofix and can't start machine now

By ru1thirst
Mar 25, 2008
  1. I've got a xp os machine and was in the process of cleaning it up because of malware or virus. Did all the step or was in the process doing so and got to the part of running combo fix. Well after getting to the part of restart to finish scan or clean on combo fix, the machine now will not start up. I let it go for hrs thinking maybe it was doing something but no go. I tried everything to get it up and running. First restarts and then trying entering bios first, then safe mode and all no go. I then cleared cmos and got the bios start up screen and went in there and put in the correct setting for standard bios portion and then save and exit, start. Machine shows boot up screen and then goes black and then sits there.
    About now I just want to do a clean install of xp again and start over but when I go into the bios and set 1st boot to cd/rom and then try it, it won't start with cd or even give me the prompt to hit any key to start with cd. So, I'm stuck.
    Anybody have any ideas how to get out of this loop. I just want to reload windows and I have the cd and key right here.
    Thanks for any help.
    ps: the machine is not the one in my sig. xp pro sp2 / 2.54 ghz p4 machine is the one with a problem.
  2. ru1thirst

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    Nobody with ideas yet huh? This may end up being a good reason to build a new toy and just put this one out to pasture.
    Still can't get it to boot up. Still can reset bios and set to start up in safe mode now but when in safe mode, no access or can't see a toolbar. If I could just get to the boot up with cd prompt and be able to hit that any key! lol
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