Rar archive corrupted. Need a repairing tool.

By Quickshot
Oct 24, 2007
  1. Well, as described in the title, I'm in need of a rar repairing tool.
    Let me explain my friend compressed a software for me in two parts using WinRar. He then gave me 2 DVDs containing the parts : the size of the 1st part was 4.3Gb and the 2nd part was 1.67Gb.
    I then copied both parts on my computer ad extracted them. Only problem is that when it started to extract the 2nd part, it stopped after a few moments, saying that it was corrupt. I won't be able to see that friend before a few weeks and wanted to repair the rar archive. I tried with the demo of advanced Rar Repair but when it repairs a rar file, it actually repairs it and extract it. So, when it repaired the second part, it said that it had repaired it successfully but I didn't see any file in the output folder. I think I know why : the program didn't see that it was a part, which is an incomplete archive.
    Well, i wanted to know if there was any way with this program or another to repair parts of an archive (tried with WinRar but didn't work) ?
  2. Tedster

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    if the compressed file is corrupt, there is little you can do to repair it. I would try 7Z (free) to try and salvage it.
  3. Nodsu

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    There is nothing you can do if data is lost - there is no magic program that could regenerate lost information out of the blue. One can create an archive with recovery information inside that lets you get around data loss, but this is not the default behaviour.
  4. Quickshot

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    I tried 7Z but it didn't work either.
    Thanks for the quick and helpful reply ^^
    I'll just wait for my friend to return then.
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