Realtek Hd audio card

By Airbornx2n1
Apr 2, 2010
  1. ok so i just installed my msi 785gtm-e45 board it has a build in hd 7.1 sound card/hdmi audio in it. Okay here is the problem. the sound works through my speakers my head set and every thing but when i try to use my mic in the rear pink port (yes its unmuted and yes i have the latest drivers, and has the 20db boost) the mic does nto register any sound but in my audio divices and and play back feture in the realtek menu if im on skype or have music in theback ground the pc play it back but not my mic, like music over skype or any audio thing where my mic would be the sound but no even with the speakers un pluged and just the mic in it still plays the music though and not my voice. Any ideas?
  2. Airbornx2n1

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    also i will have a screen up once the site lets me to show you what im talking about
  3. LookinAround

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    Are you running Vista or Win 7? Don't know if might apply but check this: make sure some app isn't grabbing exclusive use of the mic
    • Connect your mic
    • Click Control Panel->Sound
    • Click Recording tab
    • Select Microphone, click Properties
    • Click Advanced tab
    • Uncheck "Allow applications to take exlusive control of this device"
    • Click OK

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