Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem!!!

By Gageman
Jan 15, 2008
  1. k, hello everybody! I just got a new computer yesterday, it's a E-Machine with Windows XP and all that good stuff. Now I had another E-Machine computer before this and I record using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and everything was great....but I needed a new now I got this and to my suprise it has Realtek HD Audio Manager on it...and wow I have no idea what I am anyways I open Cool Edit and record to see how good it would sound and at first I got nothing, then I got bad audio, ect. I was on this forum last night and seen a topic about this sorta problem but I just need to know what steps to do to get my mic recording...the mic is a standard mic nothing that great but it worked fine on the other comp without the Realtek...I am lost...I thought Realtek would make my sounds, sound better. Maybe I am missing something?!? If somebody could help me figure this I will be happy lol....but ah theres alot of problems with my cool edit now....had the program for 4 years and never had this problem into now....PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!
  2. Josho495

    Josho495 TS Rookie Posts: 34

    Are you say you get no sound at all??? Or just no sound with the mic?
  3. Gageman

    Gageman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no what happened was it picked up sound right in the speakers...when I spoke into the mic it would come through the speakers...but when I record it barely picks up and when it does its all yea im lost...but yea it picks up my voice...sorta...I tried all kinda stuff with the volume controls and all that...still nothing working for me!
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