Recommendations for graphics card/system set-up

By mrtruesdale
Jul 26, 2005
  1. I'm contemplating building my own machine so I'm looking for advice on what graphics card to go for. I reckon I'll go with an AMD athlon processor to begin with so I'm looking for a 256MB card that'll complement it. I'll probably go for an AGP slot one so if anyone has any ideas or wants to set me on the right path it would be much appreciated.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    I think we need to know your budget, and what you want to do with the card first.

    If you have no budget, get a 6800ultra agp card.

    Pci-e is the newest graphics slot. If you going to be building a new pc, might as well use the newest tech. There isn't much price difference between agp and pci-e.
  3. mrtruesdale

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    set up

    I've been looking at the ati radeon 9600 series and the geforce 6600 as they seem to be the most popular whichever site i go to. I'll be using the system for gaming and maybe video editing. I'm confused by some of the cards I've looked at, some are 128 mb and more expensive than a 256 mb(geforce 6600gt), I've been out of the loop on these things so I don't know which would perform better.
    Any advice appreciated.
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